9 thoughts on “IMG_1549

  1. such a beautiful family. with amazing hearts. now you have an angel to watch over you. How proud she must be.

  2. You know this is really really sad, and if it does not touch you then there is something wrong. But, with that being said I have to look and say, Look at what God has already done through her.

  3. Oh how hard I know this had to be for your family. I promise she is smiling right along with each and every one of you. Thank You for sharing your Precious stories and segments of her journey with FB. I have cried myself so many times just reading them and thinking what a BEAUTIFUL Family! Thank You again so much for sharing. Keep smiling as I know she is. One sweet day we to will get to meet her. I can’t wait! You have a very BEAUTIFUL Family! Stay strong and May God’s Love Surround each and every one of you.

  4. My family extends our deepest sympathies to you and all who were touched by Kennedy’s life. While I have no intimately personal connection to Batten Disease, over the past months I have learned more about the condition and its forms. Education through awareness efforts by Batten Disease families and loved ones IS making an impact. While more widespread acknowledgement and compassion for those affected by the disease cannot bring back your Kennedy, I do pray you will – in time – find comfort in knowing sharing your story and journey with the world made a difference. Rest in peace Kennedy Ann Hansen. Blessings from eastern Canada.

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