Welcome to my portfolio and thanks so much for stopping by! My name is Lena Michelle, and I’m a country girl that grew up running bare foot, sun kissed and wild through the coastal swamps and woods of South East Texas. For as long as I can remember, nature and wildlife have been my greatest passions. My love for animals and the natural world have been deeply imprinted on my heart and soul.

During my childhood and adolescence, my photographer Mother dedicated her life and our home to Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education with Texas Parks & Wildlife. Over the years, we cared for tens of thousands of animals and had a small “Growing Up” mini series on Animal Planet for a time. At the root of it all, was deeply rewarding and grueling work that was fueled by an unending love of all growing and living things.

That upbringing shaped who I am and exposed me to the magical beauty and secretive world of animals and nature. I could feel the heartbeat of the wilderness humming in my bones, and its echo has been there ever since. Naturally, I’m a passionate supporter of conservation and protection efforts.

I now enjoy life in the Utah with a family of my own. At heart, I’m really just a garden girl, bookworm, artist, and photographer that loves going into the wild and experiencing our untamed places.

If you love nature and you’re passionate about protecting it, thank you for coming along with me. If you resonate with my vision and purpose, please visit my Link Tree for more:

I’m wishing you every happiness in life!

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