My photography celebrates the beauty of life in all its stages with gorgeous, timeless images that you will be able to treasure forever. I want to tell your story and preserve your precious memories. 
~ Michelle | Lena Michelle Photography~
I’m a Texas bred girl with a sunny disposition, who loves life and having adventures. I live with my handsome fellow, a city boy named Will, and our friends, Zoe, the cat, and Jandi, the dog. I love art and music, heart and soul. I love what photography, as a medium, enables me to do: preserve life in all its beauty. Life is made up of a string of moments, every moment tied to a memory, and every memory an emotion. This is what I want to give. Moments, memories and emotions captured in a photograph so that the heart will never forget.
When I am not doing photography, I really love to write, read, run, work on my online shop, Breezy Bird Baubles & Apothecary Shoppe, cook, do artsy stuff and be lazy. My heart thrills to be doing anything outdoors, and I talk, a lot. Life is short. I try to make it as beautiful as possible.

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